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Why is it so important to update emergency contacts?

Emergency Contact Form

In the event of an alarm, your monitoring station will attempt to reach you for notification. If you are unreachable then they will make their way down your emergency contact list one by one until they reach someone. There is nothing more frustrating for a monitoring station operator than to hear the words "I don't know that person" or "This number has been disconnected" when trying reach an emergency contact for a property in alarm. It is understandable that over time phone numbers may change or people may come and go from companies but for every number on that list that is no longer valid, the longer it takes to contact the appropriate person. An up-to-date contact list ensures the proper person can be reached quickly.

Who should be an emergency contact?

For a company, an emergency contact should be someone who understands your emergency procedures and has the authority to make system related decisions in your absence. This is often others on the management team, a co-owner, a trusted employee, or a family member.

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