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Top 3 Questions about Fire Alarm Inspections

Owning a business or commercial property is a lot of work and includes a seemingly never-ending list of things to keep track of. Of which, Fire Alarm Inspections are one of the most important ones as they are your chance to ensure that your system is working properly, keeping your employees and customers safe. Here at Fairview Protection, we want to help you keep your business safe and therefore we answered a few of the top questions regarding Fire Alarm Inspections.

What is a Fire Alarm Inspection?

Fire Alarm Inspections are a yearly inspection that goes over every part of your alarm to ensure it is up to code with the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) and can identify areas that made need repair, replacement or additional protection.

What takes place during an inspection?

Before the inspection, technicians will contact the local fire department or monitoring station and have your system put on test to prevent a false alarm from being raised. Next, a thorough examination of your fire alarm system. Parts checked may include... (but are not limited to)

  • Smoke and Heat Detectors

  • Batteries

  • Annunciators and Zones

  • Panels

  • Flows, Tampers, and Low-pressure alarms

  • Strobes and Horns

  • Control valves and switches

What should my employees know?

Notify all employees of the upcoming inspection and make sure they know that while horns, sirens, and strobes may be tested for functionality, it will only last a few minutes.

Is your system due for an inspection? Contact Fairview Protection today!


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