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This Day in Fire Alarm History

Calendar date of April 29th

Happy Anniversary! This week marks an important date in the history of Fire Detection. On April 29, 1852 the Fire Alarm Telegraph, the world's first electrical fire alarm, was used for the first time in Boston just one day after it was installed!

Picture yourself in 1850's Boston. You spot a fire late one evening in a neighbor's home. Normally you'd yell "FIRE!" or alert the church to signal the fire department with its bell tower. But wait! You see the new alarm telegraph box that had been installed only yesterday. You run over and initiate the signal. Electric signals travel to the receiver and the fire department is on their way!

That day rang in a new era of fire alarms and while there have been many improvements and technological advancements since then, these telegraph boxes are still present and saving lives in many cities across the country today.

For more information on the history of the Fire Alarm Telegraph Box, check out another post of ours! From Fire Alarm Telegraphs to Modern Systems


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