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4 Types of Commercial Systems - A look at Fire and Security Options for Businesses

Fire and Security Systems are an important part of any business but it can be hard to know which type is best for your property. Every business is unique and the scope of security needed depends on your goals, the industry, and size of your company. To help business owners understand what can be added to keep your business safe, Fairview Protection presents you with a guide to the 4 most common types of commercial systems.

Access Control

Regulates the movement of people into and within your facility to protect your employees, property, and company information. Whether it's an entry into your building, a secure room, or a gated entrance, you have the capability to control access through programmed codes, fobs, cards, etc. Easily maintain a record of personnel movement within your business and remotely grant or deny access.

Fire and Life Safety

Fire Alarm Systems are complex systems that monitor the building and notify occupants in case of a fire. Among other things, they are comprised of initiating devices, the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), warning devices, and Central Station Monitoring.

In the event of a fire, initiating devices such as smoke detectors, heat sensors, fire sprinkler waterflow switches, or manually-activated pull stations are tripped and send signals to the control panel. The panel then activates the warning devices such as strobes and horns, which notify those within the building and signals the 24-hour monitoring station to notify authorities and a designated emergency contact. Fire Alarm Systems are an integral part of any business's safety.

Intrusion Alarms

Devices such as door, window, and motion sensors are used to detect movement or activity in a building after the system has been armed. When a device is tripped, an audible alarm may sound, and a detailed alarm signal is transmitted to the 24-hour monitoring center. Notifications are sent to the authorities and the emergency contact. Many intrusion systems can be controlled and viewed remotely from many web-enabled computers, tablets, or smartphones with IOS or Android platforms.


Whether to monitor the outside of your building or deter employee or customer theft within your store, security cameras are an important part in your business's overall security. Different systems offer a range of resolutions, recording time, and capabilities including remote access of archived and live footage from many web-enabled computers, tablets, or smartphones with IOS or Android platforms.

Don't have time to read this post or want to come back to the information later? Here is a printable guide with some basic information on each system to help you out!

Fairview Protection's Guide to Commercial Systems
Download PDF • 85KB

Interested in upgrading your business's security with one of these? Contact Fairview Protection today!


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