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After Storm Tips from the Texas Department of Insurance

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

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The sun is finally shining after an unprecedented winter storm here in Texas but now many across the state are faced with property damage from broken water pipes, downed tree limbs, and other winter damage. We here at Fairview Protection know the aftermath of natural disasters can be overwhelming and have compiled tips from the Texas Department of Insurance.

Assess Damage and Make a Claim

  • Make a list of damaged property, including photos or video of the damage

  • Don't throw anything out until instructed to by your insurance company

  • Take steps to prevent further damage (turn off water, cover holes in windows, roof, etc., and save receipts from these repairs)

  • Do your best to be present when your insurance company inspects your property in order to point out the damage and keep a list of everyone you talk to at the company

  • Keep a running list of questions you have, including those about additional living expenses the company may help cover

Avoid Fraud

  • Get more than one bid to determine the most reasonable and accurate price (be wary of price gouging or bids that seem too good to be true). Keep copies of all agreements and warranty terms.

  • Read all documents carefully before you sign to ensure you aren't being misled.

  • Don't pay up front and don't make your final payment until after the work is finished. After a disaster, it is against the law for an out-of-town contractor to ask for a down payment before they start.

  • Be wary of those who offer to waive your deductible. It is illegal for contractors to offer this and your insurance company may request proof of deductible payment.

For more information visit the Texas Department of Insurance website.

Report possible price gouging to the Office of Attorney General


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